Version 4.11  (2020-11-27)

  • Alignment of parts in the cutting plan (first parts identical to the strip, then descending)
  • Method of cutting material "Longitudinal or cross cuts"
  • Optional centering of narrow strips (for tension compensation)
  • Print set "Labels AVERY 3665 (A4) 105 x 33.8 mm" for cutting plans
  • Display the name of the linked parameter/part when deleting a parameter (if this parameter cannot be deleted)
  • Export name of external images with label for Paoloni CNC saws (TXT format)
  • Adjustable saw overlap over the material for Paoloni CNC saws (PRG format)
  • Possibility to adjust the border of the windows (extended / shadow only)
  • Cutting plan export (including parts list)
  • Cutting plan editor - part deletion, serial numbers of cuts
  • Print packages in the job, list of documents and payments
  • Copy of the product from the offer/job to the product catalog (duplicate parts)
  • Checking on deleting product parameters
  • Remember the size of the print sets list window
  • Other minor repairs and modifications

Version 4.10  (2020-10-30)

  • Copy of the product from the Offer/Job to the Catalog
  • Thickness in the parts table (in the Offer, Jab and Catalog)
  • List of edging strips in the "Cutting plan with statistics" print set
  • Print set in Stock - "Complete inventory (weight)"
  • Error on updating table changed by another (currently logged in) user
  • Templates for importing parts from Blum Dynaplan, Hettich Selection, KD Max and KitchenDraw
  • Print document item descriptions (all 4 print reports)
  • Calculation of cutting plans for bar materials
  • Display of a group of offers/jobs after its import
  • Other minor repairs and modifications

Version 4.09  (2020-10-15)

  • Opening of the cutting plan editor
  • Export of the cutting plans with groups of parts (merged for grain)

Version 4.08  (2020-10-15)

  • Splitting of products (by name of the Assembly) into categories in the document created from the offer/job
  • New parameter in the parts filter - "Only real parts" (parts with non-zero number of pieces and dimensions)
  • Duplicate automatic accessories
  • Optimization algorithm
  • Copy of other items from the "Final settlement" table when copying the offer/job

Version 4.07  (2020-10-08)

  • Buttons in Stock
  • Printset "Cutting plan with statistics"
  • Optimization algorithm
  • Formatting of prices in the "Final settlement" table
  • Running the program in Hungarian or Serbian Windows

Version 4.06  (2020-10-06)

  • 30 adjustable additional data in the offer/job
  • Possibility to enter an seller in the offer/job
  • "Final settlement" table in the offer/job
  • Quick selection of edging tape for the part (according to the decor)
  • Ability to delete an empty production batch, regardless of its number
  • Display of the product code in the table Products of offer/job
  • Check whether all necessary parts are in the production batch (merged into groups for drawing)
  • Code, length and width of the sheet/format added to the printing/export of labels for the cutting plan
  • Optional trimming of too long texts during import (without error message)
  • Automatic discount for new document items (according to business partner)
  • Informative display of the calculation price when editing a stock item
  • Import of parts - if there is no information about the drawing in the file, the imported parts will have it automatically turned on
  • Print the correct color of the edging tape on the cutted corner of the part (CornColorXX items changed to EdgeColorXX)
  • Printing of values ​​of calculated product parameters
  • Calculation of the offer/job, if it contains a part with zero quantity or size (exclusion of all its operations and materials from the calculation)
  • Filter offers and jobs by specification
  • Import of multiline texts (lines separated only by LF - LineFeed)
  • [Cutting plan editor]: inserting parts that fill the free space almost exactly (checkable cut)
  • Export for CNC saw Biesse and Paoloni (TXT) - pictures of labels
  • Export for CNC saws SCM (format 001, XPRG) - ban on end "virtual" cuts
  • Modified window for editing a stock item
  • Modified window with program settings
  • Database with sample data stored in the folder CommonDocuments
  • Deactivation of the expired Trial license
  • Other minor repairs and modifications

Version 4.05  (2020-08-24)

  • Possibility of partial editing of used formats
  • Multistage calculation of dimension in Product Parameters
  • Export for Biesse CNC cutting machines
  • [Cutting plan editor]: create or delete individual cuts
  • [Cutting plan editor]: check max. cut levels for the selected CNC cutting machines
  • [Cutting Assistant 1.03]: print of labels

Version 4.04  (2020-08-11)

  • Cutting Assistant 1.02 (download)
  • More efficient cutting plans (cutted by lengthwise or widthwise)
  • Check for possible cross-references in the formulas of the calculated parameters
  • Speed up the start of the calculation of the cutting plan or its cancellation
  • Speed up the display of groups, unsaved parts or the Cutting Plan Editor
  • Speed up of sending parts to production or returning them from production
  • Custom image of the part
  • FLOORTO and CEILTO functions to find the next smaller / larger number from the list
  • Cutting parameters: possibility to assign the standard format only to the current material
  • Cutting parameters: possibility of bulk marking / unmarking of all stock formats
  • Export for HolzHer and Schelling CNC saws (CPOUT format)
  • Export for FELDER CNC saws (MAY format for new software PC7000)
  • Return of the usable offcuts from the production batch to the warehouse (kerf and grouping of the equal offcuts)
  • Check for new versions without suspending the program (if no internet connection is available)
  • Calculation of the cutting plan for bar parts shorter than the width of the material
  • Completion of the calculation of the cutting plan, if any of the boards is used on 100%
  • Possibility to use a parameter of type "Calculated count" in the formula
  • Conversion of serial numbers of parts in the Production batch after returning one or more parts to the Job
  • Display the business partner and specifications when copying the Offer to the Job
  • AccessViolation error when importing with ignoring leading apostrophe enabled
  • Import multiline texts
  • Import addresses with missing state
  • Export data to an existing file that is currently open by another application
  • Deleting cities and states
  • Possibility to move the city to another state
  • Save prepared print reports to a *.fp3 file
  • User permissions
  • Other minor repairs and modifications

Version 4.03  (2020-07-03)

  • Check for new versions
  • Clone with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Ins and Ctrl + "+"
  • Display of the editing window when cloning products and parts
  • Print set for expedition - "Labels 94x64 mm"
  • Checking of the length of individual imported data
  • Items for CNC export - PlanID_Name and PlanID_Customer
  • Delete a stock group, including all its items and storages
  • Automatic recalculation of the price and weight of the stock format when changing its dimensions
  • Optional ignoring the apostrophe at the beginning of the imported data
  • Editing the name of the document type (even if documents of the given type already exist)
  • Calculation of a cutting plan for a group of parts grouped for grain
  • Print the due date on a new type of document
  • Creation of a new stock item when importing parts into the network database
  • Import stock items
  • Other minor repairs and modifications

Version 4.02  (2020-06-19)

  • Optional parameter "Gap between strips" for calculation of cutting plans
  • Control and adjustment of units of measure when importing stock items and operations 
  • Print set "Material list" in the summary of the Offer/Job
  • Export for BIESSE CNC saws
  • Display of bar parts (in the cutting plan and in the pictures)
  • Update material and operations in parts after changing the value of a selected parameter
  • Error after importing stock items
  • Update tables after aborted import

Version 4.01  (2020-06-12)

  • Select a stock item for a set in a separate window
  • Copy of the description when creating the document from the Offer/Job
  • Missing parentheses in formulas (parts of catalog transferred from version 3)
  • Unit of measure in a new operation
  • Algorithm modification (faster calculation in some cases)
  • Redrawing of part's images after mass change of material
  • Deleting a business partner (if it has already been assigned to an Offer/Job)
  • Memorization and setting of the current production batch
  • Other minor repairs and modifications

Version 4.00  (2020-05-31)

  • First final version
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